Why we started this blog

Gathering with friends and family over a meal and probably some wine or a cocktail has always been one of our favorite ways to spend time with those we care about. Whether it was our co-ed book club pot luck brunches, a night of grilling and games or a cozy night in trading stories and eating two desserts, the bonds forged and deepened over meals play a critical role in our lives.

We have always enjoyed cooking, introducing each other to our favorite recipes and discovering new ones together. And we’ve done A LOT of cooking and baking together over these last six months but we miss dinner parties with friends and holiday meals with family. Six months into this pandemic we decided to build a place where we can share our favorite recipes with our friends and family and have them share with us too.

This website doesn’t aim to replace or recreate those gatherings but instead create a new space to stay connected with each other and share our favorite recipes. And hopefully once we can all gather again it will be the menu for one epic dinner party.

Melissa and Evan